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"Picco" Civil Service and Trade Limited Company headquarters and premises; 1097 Budapest, Tóth Kálmán u. 33 / C 1/2. The Picco Kft. Dated 05th day of February 1991, has been amended several times, performed on the basis of the memorandum of association main activity is the construction of utilities for the carriage of liquids 42.21.

The "products":
The Picco Kft. Perform construction services. The service is inherently not materialized new product creates value, but will make problem solving. it is based on two metrics to measure the "product" of vacuum station installed meters of length, or the number of days recessed ground water. The company would like to become a primary partner of the most important companies of the country in the sewerage, underground construction work.


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A mature, well-established, else no or much higher price can be replaced more...

The service

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The water table inset vacuum technology is the most widely used method of public more...


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Our major customers (2015 from 2012), Strabag, Tápióság, South Road, Zákányszék more...

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